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 SURGE - a poster by Phil Pflager


Iraq Surge

A poem by




Turgid roiling seas.


The contest is announced

and promoted

by those whose children

and grandchildren

and kin

will never have to ride a board.


The soldiers are brave

who challenge the wave,

but no champions  master

a chaotic



Some sky high whitewater faces

admit no wood

and all who attempt them

wipe out.


The wise withdraw.


There is no shame

nor dishonor,

just deep understanding.


Survival is always


and some victories

are pyrrhic.


When several species of killer shark

do combat,

let them have the waters

to themselves

and their own


Just leave.


No, there is no battling a tidal wave

nor the predators swimming it.

The only victory is this: common sense.



STEPHEN C. WETLESEN, a published poetic artist and writer and graduate of the University of California Berkeley,

has been commissioned for many different needs and occasions, including personal growth, birthdays, life tributes,

diplomatic receptions, speeches, business presentations, institutional openings, memorials, artistic needs,

church events, CD releases, public relations, seasonal holidays, and wooing romance, among other matters.

Mr. Wetlesen is available for any reasonable request that might be imagined. Sending flowers?

Why not enhance them with poetic art?! Need a wedding gift? Have a special poem created!

Every newborn child needs a birth poem to convey a lifelong sense of identity.

"A poem for every need, event and occasion,

and everything needs a poem."


To contact Steve send an email to:


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