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                   GRANDMAS' FLOWERS

                      2013  A.E. & P.P. PFLAGER

Grandma planted wild flowers early in the spring

She sow her seeds upon the ground to see what they would bring

Round her kitchen door the morning glories bloomed in blue

And beckoned come on in, it's a gift from me to you



Take me away to where the mornGing glories bloom

Far across the river far from earthly gloom

And when they turn their blue white faces toward the morning sky

I'll look to heaven with them and there my soul will fly


Grandma picked her flowers and she took them to the church

She filled a rusty wagon, and down the street they'd lurch

She arrainged her gift upon the altar there for all to see

And beckDoned come on in it's a gift for you from me


One sad sunday morning Grandma couldn't pull the load

So we took the wagon from her and hauled it down the road

We placed some on the altar and we placed some on the ground

Where even in the wintertime wild fowers now abound

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The John Day

 2013  A.E. & P.P. PFLAGER

When the sun is burning hot in an Oregon summer sky

Let the John Day quench your thirsty soul, don't let it roll on by


Roll on by, Roll on by

Let the John Day quench your thirsty soul, don't let it roll on by

Where the John Day drifts through the valley

Where wheat fields bend in the wind

Where a dusty country road lays like power on your skin

The music of the river, fills the air and sky

Let the John Day quench your thirsty soul, don't let it roll on by


In a cave above the river, Indian writings on the wall

Ancient testimony to the rivers mighty call

In my heart I feel the message like rolling thunder from the sky

Let the John Day quench your thirsty soul, don't let it roll on by


When my days are cold and empty the clock ticks on the wall

Counting every second I hear a distant water fall

There's a cool clear river flowing some where inside of me

Like the John Day from the valley, it's straining to be free

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                Stretchin to the Sun
   2013  A.E. & P.P. PFLAGER


I'm head-in down the road where the big dogs  run

Gonna do it my way have a little fun

I'm  gonna follow that big black ribbon of highway

Stretchin to the sun


 I set out to seek  fame and fortune today,

Quit my job and run away

I'm blowing with the shifting sand

I'm gonna drift across the land 

Repeat Chorus

Well I didn't pack my troubles, I left them behind

The hum of the tires gives me peace of mind

If I can get, far enough away

I'll forget my cares, thats why I say

Repeat Chorus

I cut all my ties, now I am free

I feel a tail wind pushing me

I'll never have to settle down

The highway leads from town to town


Repeat Chorus

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                                                       2013  A.E. PFLAGER


They drag home from a hard day and they unload it all on you.

You're feelin' unappreciated for all the special things you do. 

And you can't help but wonder why some men haven't got a clue,

That you need a little kindness 'cause you've had a hard day too.



But they're such angels when they're sleepin'

    with their feet up on a chair.

They look just like a cherub

    in their socks and underwear.

And you know you couldn't live

   without your life-sized Teddy bear.

They're such angels when they're sleeping.

So who said life was fair.


They get so danged impatient if you're just five minutes late

And they stay that way for hours because you made 'em wait. 

And the minute they get hungry, they want something on their plate

But when they're feelin' poorly, it's always something that they ate.


Repeat Chorus


They're takin' you for granted and you're fightin' back a tear.

You try to tell 'em how you're feelin', but they'll pat you on the rear,

And they'll tell you "Don't be silly! You know I love you 'cause I'm here!"

"But would you go and get the paper, Hon, and bring me back a beer!"


Repeat Chorus

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Cocoa House

 2013  A.E. PFLAGER

Cocoa house was just a cabin up a canyon road,

By a little stream that trickled in the fall.

And Dad would add a room each summer as the family'd grow,

'Til that little cabin stood three stories tall.



Dad mixed mortar, rock and sand,

Cut every board by hand;

What he built can never be torn down.

Mom took spade to solid clay,

Planted trees that stand today;

Those roots are firmly anchored in the ground.


Cocoa house was built of knotty pine and redwood log,

Through earthquake, fire and flood she held her own.

She's always there to guide us, like a lighthouse through a fog.

Her foundation is as strong as solid stone.


Repeat Chorus


That cabin with it's big stone fireplace and old pine floors,

Is nestled in the hillsides of my youth.

As humble as the buttercups that bloomed 'round her back door,

Yet proud as wisdom, decency and truth.


Repeat Chorus and Tag:


No matter where I roam, I'm never far from home.

Those roots are firmly anchored in the ground.

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              Couldn't Beat the Rain

                                 2013  A.E. & P.P. PFLAGER


We were south of the border, ridin' the  train

Headed for Mazatlan causing each other pain

Left Mexico City headed north

Dark clouds of love made us stray from the course


I got off in Tepic when it started to rain

I was wanderin'  loose, my heart full of pain

I had made a mistake, there was no turning back

I watched the train disappear down the track



South of the border lookin'  for  love

I don't dare look up at those dark clouds above

Should'a worked it out then, instead I cut and run

I broke two hearts then, not just one


I stood there all night searching for the way

But I never found it, even to this day

The path led me north, but I never got home

I'm wandering loose, cold and alone


 She lives in my heart, a dim memory

I've got what men think they want, those that long to be free

As I travel alone it is her I'm thinking of

I long for her arms, but there's dark clouds above

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   Redwood Cabin by the Pine

             2013  A.E. & P.P. PFLAGER

There's a cabin neath the redwoods

where I spend the summertime

Left my darlin there to sleep, beneath the only pine

I return every year just to be so very near

My darling sleeping neath the redwoods by the pine



Darlin when I'm near, your sweet voice I can hear,

The echos of your harmony sublime

You know I'll come back to that tiny redwood shack

When the winter chill gives way to summertime


In the warm summer air, sunlight sparkled in your hair

As we wandered by the river and I tasted your sweet wine

Now I walk along that path and cry and wish you back

At the cabin neath the redwoods by the pine

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Redwood Fence

                       2013  A.E. & P.P. PFLAGER


Start with A Cappella Chorus



The fence post rotted at the bottom of the post

The bottom of the post made the whole fence fall

I should have mended that post don't you know

But instead I let that whole fence go


A redwood fence is made to last

But you better check it often once time has passed

You better Keep your eye upon your soul

To take it from you is Satans goal


Repeat Chorus



Satans coming to conquer you,

You better build a fence he can't get through

Then keep your eye upon those posts

Pray for help from the holy ghost


Repeat Chorus


Even little sins are bad for you

They rot those posts through and through

There is still time left to repent

And ask for grace that is heaven sent


Repeat Chorus

Repeat C-Part

Repeat Chorus

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Motorcycle Maniac

   2013  A.E. & P.P. PFLAGER

I'm a motorcycle racer that got offa the track

I got a motorcycle mamma hanging on my back

I got two wheels on a rocket that flies

You better move over and let me go by

I was born in a sidecar on highway one

Oh God, I love to hear that motor run


 Wheels turning fast humming on the ground

Open up the throttle, make those wheels go round

I love to feel the wind blowin through my hair

Flying down the highway without a care

Screaming around the corners,  slidin through the curves

I'm a motorcycle maniac with cast iron nerves


 I'm heading to Skyline to try out the curves

I'll pass all the cars in just a few swerves

The cops behind me are hot on my tail

Hoping to catch me and throw me in jail

My engine is smoking my brakes are on fire

I'm burning the rubber right offa my tire


Don't ever try to make me settle down

I gotta keep rolling, I won't hang around

I like to live my life on a high

 Get on my motor and watch the world wizz by

Rev up my engine fly down the road

I'm headed down the highway, with no ties and no load


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Talk is Cheap

 2013  A.E. & P.P. PFLAGER


Some men are liars, some men are cheats

Some men get their jollys out on the street

Don't be taken in by sweet sounding rap

 Don't let yourself get caught in their trap

Talk is cheap and dreams are free

All men are liars --- except me


Things aren't always as they appear

There are things that you should fear

Don't trust a man when love is hot

Don't give him everything you got

Talk is cheap and dreams are free

All men are liars --- except me



He whispered sweet things into her ear

The kind of things girls like to hear

He said she shodda known it was a line

But she took the hook and she was mine


Don't be taken for a ride,

Unless you want to be cast aside

Don't be a fool when you play the game

Don't let a man drive you insane

Talk is cheap and dreams are free

 All men are liars --- except me


Love has been a serious affair

Ever since Delilah cut Sampsons' hair

Lovers have always played the game

The rules of love have remained the same

All men are liars --- except me

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