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Lyrics from the CD "Touch a Name on the Wall"

© 2005 by Anne and Phil Pflager All rights reserved




© 2005 P.P. PFLAGER


(Key of D with low E dropped to D)

DAn eagle thats got two right wings

Ain't much good for AanyDthing

No matter how hard that eagle tries

Round and round in Acircles he Dflies



GRound and round in Dcircles he flies

ABuilding castles Din the skies

GBut if you look deep Din his eyes

You'll see beyond his Aslick Ddisguise


An eagle lays a mighty big egg

And if you're rich you don't have to beg

Hands in your pockets you can stand around

And wait for those eggs to come tumbling down


Repeat Chorus


The poor people livin out on the street

Don't get any of that egg to eat

Cuz an eagle that's got two right wings

Don't owe poor folks anything


Repeat Chorus


Some people ask for their fair share

But I'm telling you folks you better beware

Cuz flying in circles spreads it around

And you know what comes trickling down 


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Daddy's Hands

© 2005 P.P. Pflager


GDaddy earned a Purple Heart, it Cdidn't cost him much

Just Dall of his fingers, what's the sense of Gtouch

Half a thumb is better than none, Cwas his attitude

He Ddid the best with what was left though life was mighty Grude



DPurple hearts for body parts, we Gsend our sons to war

He A7fought in the big one, a Dmeasure forever more

For Gevery conflict right or wrong, no Cmatter how we behave

We Dpoint to World War II and claim the world we Gsaved


GDaddy went to flying school, took me Cup in a Piper Cub

He Dwanted to be a pilot see the world from high Gabove

When he went to get his license, they Csaid we're sorry, son

You Dhaven't any fingers and only half a Gthumb


GLife was tough with tiny stubs where Cfingers used to be

But he Dmanaged to live a normal life and raise a famiGly

He hammered nails and built a house, Cjust like other men

And I've Doften wished I'd asked him, would you do it all Gagain



For many folks wars a joke, they never had to serve

There were college deferments and there was the Texas air reserve

These Chicken Hawks are full of talk, they'll send you off to war

Just follow the money and you'll understand what for


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 Sing Peace

© 2005 P.P. PFLAGER


GWon't you stand up for what you Dbelieve in

GSing with me though your Cheart may be grievin

Sing Gpeace Dto Gpower



Sing DPeace

As we march together

Sing GPeace

In all kinds of weather

Sing DPeace

As we march together

Sing GPeace


(bass run G and, A we, B can, C march)


And we can Cmarch to victoryG

If we Dsing peace Gtogether


One voice alone is not very loud

But you can roar when you sing in a crowd

Sing peace to power




Carry a sign or bring a banner along

If you want to be heard, raise you voice in song

Sing peace to power




March with me to their ivory tower

Sing peace to power, Raise your voice this hour

Sing peace to power




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The Connecticut Yankee

Jan 15, 2004 By George Johnson



How did a Connecticut Yankee

Born with a silver spoon in his mouth

Become a Texas cowboy?

I'm still trying to figure it out.


He was born to a family with riches

power and political pull

Now he tries to act like a country boy

Ain't that a whole lot of bull


He went to all the best schools

Somewhere way back east

He was so busy partying,

He barely got a degree


Every time that boy got in trouble

Daddy's money got him out

He never had to struggle

To see what life was all about




He joined up in the National Guard

To keep from fighting in the Viet Nam war

While some of us were over there

He disappeared for a year or more


That'd be called desertion

If it was you or me

But once again daddy's money

Got him off scot free


He went into politics

Became the Governor of the Big T

After that he decided

To run for the presidency


Look like he'd lose the election

But in Florida, his brother hatched a plan

He figured out ways not to count

The votes of every woman and man




Now he's called the president

But he ain't nothin' but a thief

He cut taxes for the rich man

While poor folks can't get no relief


He's sending the troops into battles

All around the earth

He don't seem to mind

When they're lying dead in the dirt


Now I'll ask you a question

Answer me if you please

How did a Chicken Hawk Deserter

Become the Commander in Chief?


It's time to clean out the White House

Get rid of him and his kind

We got to work together for peace

Lawd, while we still have the time


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 The Soldier Bears the Blame

© 2005 A. E. & P.P. PFLAGER


Capo second fret

CAn old soldier Gstumbles from his Ambed during the +gnight

He D7+f#carries his rifle to the porch, G7once again to fight the fight

The Codor of rice Gpaddies from the Amshadows fill his +gbrain

And Ffaces drift beCfore him, their Gdeath his life long Cpain



CThe shame of war can't Ghide beneath the Ambridge at No Gun Ri

For surFvivors bear Cwitness for all the world to Gsee

Tho Cmany years have Gpassed, Amwars are fought the +gsame

The Fnation makes the Cchoices and the Gsoldier bears the Cblame


He was just a kid, a rifle in his hand

A victim of an un_declared war in a far off land

The order said to fire, on everyone in sight

But now those fleeing refugees come to visit in the night


Repeat Chorus


Nine springs is a landscape, Buddhists agree

Where souls of unjust dead, wander yearning to be free

In search of peace and rest with justice as their guide

They confront this tortured soldier at whose hands so many died


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© 2005 A. E. & P.P. PFLAGER


(capo 2)

EmMy name is oil,

I Cflow through steel veins

I Dcause men to quarrel

I Emcause iron to rain



You know how much you want me

I Cam the drug you crave

You Dcannot live without me

You Emhave become my slave



And the Gpipelines roll on forDever

Roll Amon over whatEmever,

Roll Con over our Gmother

We Dshare with no Cother

Roll Gon, Roll Don, Roll Con, pipeline roll Emon


I live deep beneath the earth,

I Chide in crevice rock & stone

You Dtrample on what lies above

Without Emregret, you'll ne'er atone


Repeat Bridge & Chorus


Each time you hit the glory hole,

My Cgreasy blood begins to flow

It Dcovers your hands, your face, your soul

Ob Em scures the blood of killings toll


Repeat Bridge & Chorus


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If Chickens Had the Vote

© 2005 P.P. PFLAGER



DIt's another two-ring circus, it's a Gdog and pony show

AEvery four years into the tent we Dgo

But I've got one question 'fore you put that GX into the box

If Achickens had the vote would they elect a Dfox?


If GChickens had the vote would they elect a Dfox?

Would they open up the hen house and jeopardize the Aflocks

I Dknow we're so much smarter than the Gaverage clucking hen

So Awhy do we elect them again and Dagain?


He said I'll lower taxes and put an end to crime

I'll get the poor off welfare, I'll have em workin overtime

But his opponent raised the ante and the stakes went to the sky

He increased the defense budget for mom and apple pie


Repeat Chorus


Campaign contributions select the president

And I know how to get value for the money that I spent

I give half to the Republicans and half to the Democrats

No matter who wins I own both of them fat cats


Repeat Chorus


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