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Lyrics from the CD "Annie and the Vets Singing Peace to Power"

© 2005 by Anne and Phil Pflager All rights reserved



Reach Out to One

© A.E. Pflager 2005



Reach out to Cone and plant a seed,

One little Gseed is all you need,

That seed will Agrow, warmed by the sun,

So plant a Dseed, reach out to one.

Reach out to Cone and plant a seed,

One little Gseed is all you need,

So Dreach out to one and plant a Gseed


In this busy world, folks don't take time,

To learn the Ctruth and they rely,

On what they Dhear on prime-time news,

And right-wing Cpundits paid-for Gviews.


Although the truth is hard to bear,

The seeds of Cpeace are everywhere.

And when these Dseeds begin to flower,

We'll see that Cpeople have the Gpower.


Repeat Chorus


The seed of change can be so small,

You might not Cknow it's there at all,

But seasons Dturn and it may sprout,

Then soon its Cseeds will spread aGbout


If we will just reach out each day,

The truth will Cbloom like a bouquet.

Then all their Dlies will be exposed,

And this whole Cworld will be transGposed.


Repeat Chorus


We must know what we speak about,

It doesn't Chelp to swear and shout.

Facts must be Dknown before they're spread,

Like seeds uCpon a flowerGbed.


And if we listen, we may hear,

What lies beChind their doubt and fear,

With kindness, Dwe can till the ground,

And plant the Cseeds. Peace will aGbound!


Repeat Chorus


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See Sheila Fight the Snake

© 2005 P.P. PFLAGER


(Capo 3)

B7The carnival came to town, when I was nine or ten,

That Eday I learned a lesson, I don't B7need to learn again!

With F#a poster of a woman, wearing nothing but a snake,

With Eten cents in my pocket, I was ripe for the B7take.



See Sheila fight the snake, all it costs is one thin dime

ESee Sheila fight the snake, I think it B7might bite her this time

See F#Sheila fight the snake, gimmie your dime .... then get in B7line


Repeat Chorus


I went into the tent, I could not believe my eyes

In the center of the room was a cage full of lies

Sheila was a rabbit, with a sleepy gopher snake

You might call it truth, I call it fake.


Repeat Chorus


Three Hundred Billion dollars is a whole lot of dimes

It's like walkin' in that tent again, just like old times

But this time thereís no Sheila, This time thereís more at stake

The Devil took your ticket, You've been bit by the snake


Repeat Chorus


Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice, I think heíll try it too

This time Iím gonna be ready, This time Iím gonna save my dime

For I have seen Sheila, I have seen the snake

And only a chump would put up with that double talking fake


Repeat Chorus



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Sweet Mary

© 2005 P.P. PFLAGER 

DWe rolled into Baghdad with Gmusic in our Dears

We turned it real loud to calm our doubts and A7fears

When Dbombs started dropping and Drockets Daway

I turned to sweet Mary, and A7started to Dpray



Sweet Virgin Mary, Gtake me Daway

Take me to Jesus, with him I will A7pray

I'll Dask him to guide me and Gshow me the Dway

And I'll ask him if he's God, A7then why Dtoday?


The sky was all thunder, lit red by the flame

From the bombs that we dropped in Jesus sweet name

As shock and awe turned night to day

I turned to sweet Mary, and started to pray


Repeat chorus


When the sun brought the dawn, the smoke lingered there

The smell of death rose into the air

Tho my eyes opened wide, I knew not where I lay

I turned to sweet Mary, and started to pray


Repeat chorus


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Mothers Speak

© 2005 A.E. & P.P. PFLAGER


GOh mothers speak Cfor the world must Ghear

EmOf the pain and Dsuffering Cyour children Gbear

If a world doesn't hear, Ca world doesn't Gcare,

So mothers Dspeak Cand your sorrows Gshare



They will Chear Dand they will Gcare

CLet your voices Grise into the Dair

It may bring you Cpain Das your sorrows Emshare

CHide not your Gtears, Dlet your words fill the Gair


GOh mothers speak, Clet your feelings Gflow,

EmLike a raging Driver Cyour anguish they must Gknow

They will awake Cthey will under Gstand,

EmAs the torrent of your Dmessage Creclaims this Gland


Repeat Chorus and first verse


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© 2005 P.P. PFLAGER



D At the G Skyride Cafe, catfish sizzle on the D grill

While the A cable to the skyride lies D rustin' in the water

The G dreams of the children drift down the MississiDppi

As the A old folks drink a beer and G talk of yesterDday


D High on a bluff overGlooking the MississiDppi

John A Wood stands guard in the D park

O're the G names of the young men and women

Who didn't reDturn from the big one, AmerAica did its D part




DI Looked at each name and Gread it long and Dslow

I Alooked for Viet Nam, didn't Danybody go?

And G wondered as I looked at the names that had D fallen,

In the dust that had settled, are they A now forgotten D too?




D The band stand lies empty, dimly G lit by evening D glow,

And the A voices of the speakers are D echos from the past,

But the G cries of the wounded are clearly heard around D me,

For their long forgotten sorrow , there are A teardrops in the D park


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Two Weasel System

© 2005 A&P Pflager

GAnimals have been maligned by Apoliticians of every kind,

And the D mascots that they use are not the ones that I would Gchoose, D

When they Grun for election, AI think I have a better selection,

And I Dapologize for making this Gconnection.



He's the Clessor of two weasels, but Ghe'll have to do.

We have a two weasel system and you Achoose between the Dtwo.

GOthers in the running, fall like Clemmings to the Asea

He's the Dlessor of two weasels and the only choice for Gme.


There's a well-known carni game that's played with shells that look the same

The one that hides the pea, could be any of the three

If you're feelin' some confusion when it comes to the conclusion,

Perhaps we're under the illusion that we're choosin'


Repeat Chorus


Elephants like lots of feed, they have a penchant to stampede,

And multiply the greed each time they breed

While Donkeys carry quite a load, act stubborn, then do as they're told,

It's weasels that we vote for at the polls.


Repeat Chorus


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 Vinegar and Oil

© A.E. Pflager 2005


(capo 2)

CYou never know who's spying or who's lying,

Your government, your family or your Gboss,

If you want to keep your privacy in these days of high technology,

You gotta watch out for the double Ccross.


So...don't put too much detail in your e-mail,

Never make your thoughts known on the Gphone,

Mailing me a letter really isn't that much better,

And you know someone might come and bug my Chome.



(So), Fwrite it down on lettuce,

CTie it 'round a stone,

DToss it through my window when you're Gsure I'm home alone

CHigh tech won't affect us 'cause FI'll clean off the soil,

Then I'll Geat those words with vinegar and Coil.


I kept a homing pigeon in the kitchen,

But it really made a mess, to my distress,

I tried sending a smoke signal, but you had to keep a vigil,

And the Fire Department liked it even less.


My invisible ink spilled in the sink,

I tried languages like Double Dutch and such,

I sat writing secrete code 'til I felt my brain explode,

And I really didn't like that very much.


Repeat Chorus


Big brother might be watchin', so use caution,'

Everyone's a snoop who wants a scoop

If you don't want your latest caper on the front page of the paper,

Don't under-estimate how low they'll stoop.


Repeat Chorus (Just...)


You can even say, "I love you," I'll clean off the soil,

Then I'll eat those words with vinegar and oil.


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