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The "Truth in Recruiting" song

Sung to the tune of "The M.T.A."


Let me tell you a story about a military recruiter

That's coming to your school

He has a quota to make, any warm body he'll take

That recruiter is coming after you



Will he tell you the truth, Will he tell you the truth

How will you know?

If you know the answers 'fore you ask the questions

You might outsmart that G.I. Joe



Like a used car salesman in his fancy dress getup

He'll let you kick a tire or two

But you've got to check the engine, brakes and transmission

Or he'll unload a lemon on you


Repeat Chorus


Eight long years is a mighty long time

And don't forget the stop-loss too

You should know before you sign, on the dotted line

It's not binding on them, only on you!


Repeat Chorus


The schools are required to tell the recruiters

Your address and cell number too

Get you name off that list, fill out an opt-out request

Stop the recruiters from harassing you!



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