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Delayed Entry

PPP & Anne Pflager July 2009

(also purposely called  Delayed Enlistment)


The lies that were told, the glory and fame

Painted as truth, a recruiter with no shame

His parents believed it and signed him away

At just seventeen, he thinks the Army’s the way




The joy of youth, easily tossed away

In a desperate attempt, to grow up in one day

Only memories remain when the stories been told

And the sorrow that lingers for youth that was sold



He is just seventeen, can’t wait to be a man

He thinks that he found it, but he don’t understand

He signed the papers and raised his right hand

Mom and Dad stood there smiling,

thinking ain’t this just grand



At just seventeen, he believes that he’s bound

by the contract he signed…

Lord, justice is blind!

She just doesn’t see the deceit and the lies

That’s robbing our youth while blinding their eyes





Delayed Enlistment Information:

How does someone get out of the Delayed Entry Program?



Iraq Vets speak out

http://Tyler Boudreau/

http://Josh Steiber/



“John Brown” by Bob Dylan. Sung by Diane Rejman and Trond Toft



Diane Rejman served in the US Army from 1977-80

Mothers and the Lies About War By Diane Rejman




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