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Ambergrass Lyrics

These songs have not been recorded

You can hear these songs at performances of Ambergrass Express


© 2006 by Anne and Phil Pflager All rights reserved



Ambergrass Express

© 2006 P.P. Pflager


Capo 2


GIn the distance there's a rumble, like thunder headed CWest

I can Gsee the smoke a rising, it's the Ambergrass DExpress

GShe don't roll on rails she's laying her own Ctrack

GBlazing a trail, Dforward through the Gpast



She Dflys through the night like an CEagle on the Gwind

She Dnever looks back or Cwonders where she's Dbeen

Keep your Gbags packed and ready and always look your Cbest

GDon't miss this chance to ride the DAmbergrass GExpress


When she blows through town it's just a whistle stop

She keeps her engine pumping or the steam will blow her top

If you're gonna climb aboard you better shake a leg

You've got to move fast to hop a power keg


Repeat Chorus


There's an echo in the night and you know she's drawing near

Don't listen for the clack of rails or look for an engineer

Run down to the station be sure to be around

When the Ambergrass Express passes through your town


Repeat Chorus


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Redwood Fence

© 2006 A.E. & P.P. PFLAGER


Start with A Cappella Chorus



The fence post rotted at the bottom of the post

The bottom of the post made the whole fence fall

I should have mended that post don't you know

But instead I let that whole fence go


A redwood fence is made to last

But you better check it often once time has passed

You better Keep your eye upon your soul

To take it from you is Satans goal


Repeat Chorus



Satans coming to conquer you,

You better build a fence he can't get through

Then keep your eye upon those posts

Pray for help from the holy ghost


Repeat Chorus

Mandolin Lead over Chours

Dobro Lead over C- Part

Repeat Chorus


Even little sins are bad for you

They rot those posts through and through

There is still time left to repent

And ask for grace that is heaven sent


Repeat Chorus

Repeat C-Part

Repeat Chorus


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Redwood Cabin by the Pine

© 2006 A.E. & P.P. PFLAGER


There's a cabin neath the redwoods

where I spend the summertime

Left my darlin there to sleep, beneath the only pine

I return every year just to be so very near

My darling sleeping neath the redwoods by the pine



Darlin when I'm near, your sweet voice I can hear,

The echos of your harmony sublime

You know I'll come back to that tiny redwood shack

When the winter chill gives way to summertime


In the warm summer air, sunlight sparkled in your hair

As we wandered by the river and I tasted your sweet wine

Now I walk along that path and cry and wish you back

At the cabin neath the redwoods by the pine


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Franks Song

© 2006 P.P.Pflager


D Whenever I started my old John Deere

G Frank would sit on hisA7 porch to D hear

It made him think of years gone by

The G sound of that engine could A7 make him D cry


(D,C,B,A run)

A He couldn't know that it was me

I D lived too far for him to see

He A decided one day to follow that sound

It didn't take him long to come around



With a D put ummmm put put ummmm put put

Bmin Thats the way that tractor ran

You'd G know if you A7 were a John Deere D fan


D The sound of that tractor was loud and strong

It G spoke to Frank and A7 pulled him D along

It had been a while since he'd been out

In G spite of his age he A7 jumped with a D shout


(D,C,B,A run)

A He stopped in my driveway and stood there a while

When I D drove around the corner I saw his smile

He A waved and he smiled his heart full of joy

His mind went back to when he was a boy


(repeat chorus)


D Come on in, take her for a ride

G Open the gate and A7 come D inside

He shook his head, I wish I could

That G old John Deere A7 sure looks D good


(D,C,B,A run)

A I'll just stand and watch for a while

You D plow that field in John Deere style

I A turned that tractor back around

And put the disk back on the ground


(repeat chorus)


D When I came back around, Frank was gone

I G guess he coundn't bear to A7 listen to that tractors D song

It's tough to go back that many years

It's G tough to go back without A7 shedding D tears


(repeat chorus)


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 The John Day

© 2006 A.E. & P.P. PFLAGER


GWhen the sun is burning Bmhot in an OreCgon summer Gsky

Let the DJohn Day quench your thirsty soul,don't Clet it roll on Gby



Roll on Emby, Roll on Cby

Let the GJohn Day quench your Emthirsty soul,don't Clet it roll on Gby


Where the John Day drifts through the Bmvalley

Where Cwheat fields bend in the Gwind

Where a Emdusty country road lays like Dpower on your skin

The Cmusic of the river, Gfills the air and Emsky

Let the DJohn Day quench your thirsty soul,don't Clet it roll on Gby




In a cave above the Bmriver, Indian wriCtings on the Gwall

EmAncient testomony to the Drivers mighty call

In my Cheart I feel the message like rolling thunGder from the Emsky

Let the DJohn Day quench your thirsty soul,don't Clet it roll on Gby




When my days are cold and Bmempty the Cclock ticks on the Gwall

EmCounting every second I hear a Ddistant water fall

There's a Ccool clear river flowing some Gwhere inside of Emme

Like the DJohn Day from the valley, it's Cstraining to be Gfree




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Motorcycle Maniac

© 2006 A. E. & P.P. PFLAGER


G I'm a motorcycle racer that got offa the track

I got a motorcycle mamma hanging on my back

I C got two wheels on a rocket that flies

You G better move over and let me go by

I was D born in a sidecar on C highway one

Oh G God, I love to hear that motor run

G Wheels turning fast humming on the ground

Open up the throttle, make those wheels go round

I C love to feel the wind blowin through my hair

G Flying down the highway without a care

D Screaming around the corners, C slidin through the curves

I'm a G motorcycle maniac with cast iron nerves


G I'm heading to Skyline to try out the curves

I'll pass all the cars in just a few swerves

The C cops behind me are hot on my tail

G Hoping to catch me and throw me in jail

My D engine is smoking my C brakes are on fire

I'm G burning the rubber right offa my tire


G Don't ever try to make me settle down

I gotta keep rolling, I won't hang around

I C like to live my life on a high

G Get on my motor and watch the world wizz by

D Rev up my engine C fly down the road

I'm G headed down the highway, with no ties and no load


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